Summer on the farm:

Up until a week ago, Summer appeared to be taking its time to get here, not that I was looking forward to the heat, flies and humidity. But it arrived on Monday with a vengeance. Over 30 degrees every day. Thank god for air-conditioning, But I feel for the animals, they have taken to the shade, finding comfort in their little shelters and under trees.

There has been no rain for weeks, so the paddocks were drying out, but these last few days we have had some rain, (not that my goatees love the raun they don’t.) Keep that in mind if you are thinking of acquiring goats. They really dislike water only to drink.

We have a new puppy, our third Maremma. We have named him Caesar, and he is a delight. Loves his life in the paddocks, looking after his flock. He’s only ten weeks old at the moment, but he’s growing into his role. He spends most of his time chasing our bitch (Azura) who loves him and I think under protest, enjoys his company. Each day I walk them both through the goat paddocks, helping him to adjust to his new role as a guardian dog. He’s learning fast. I feel very privileged to live with so many beautiful animals in my care. Each day they ALL get a cuddle, sometimes two.

This is Azura 3 year old female

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