November ’22 Update from Jo

Well, I finally have five minutes in which to create my first BLOG, which I hope those in the goatee world will find of interest. It is now well into kidding for 2022, and I have been blessed with the most amazing little pygmy babies this season. Blessed because 90% of what has been born have thrown the pygmy gene so the does are small and compact with great body structure, well balanced with the most darling of faces.

I love these animals, and they give so much love that my days are filled with smiles because of the antics of these darling creatures. How could one NOT love a goat, especially pygmy. I’ve also been fortunate that over 90% of what has been delivered have been Does, which is welcome as I’m trying to grow my herd, so allowing me to remain true to the breed. I’m also lucky that I have three separate lines from which to choose when pairing my Does with my bucks.

I mostly hand raise, but this year with the latest Does, I decided to dam raise, which I have found to be slightly challenging from the fact if I want friendly kids I need to spend extra time in the paddocks gaining the babies trust and allowing them to build a relationship with me. This process has been so rewarding with my latest arrivals now running up to me the moment I enter their enclosure. I get kisses and cuddles without having to force them. Just the best medicine when one is stressed or had a difficult day. Welcome to my world.

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