Hoof Trimming

Goat’s hooves continue to grow throughout their lives, much like our fingernails and unless they are trimmed or filed can cause discomfort and other ailments. Goat’s hooves need to be trimmed on a regular basis and usually once every 2-3 months, though in times of wet weather hooves need trimming every 6-8 weeks. Trimming hooves is pretty easy with a well-trained goat and special hoof trimmers are available online for about $30. If you are not comfortable undertaking this yourself, most vets will be able to do it for you, or you could seek out a breeder in your area.


Just like dogs and cats, goats need to be wormed periodically. Goat wormers come in a drench (administered orally) and are available from farm shops or produce suppliers. Not all wormers treat every worm, so to be sure you are treating for the correct worms, it is a good idea to have a faecal count done by your vet. This costs about $30 and will give you a good indication of the type of worms present and the number of worms (load) and is reported as ‘eggs per gram’ ie epg. With good care and diligence, worms need not become a problem.

The Worm-boss website has lots of detailed information and advice on how to manage and control worms in goats. For more details visit: http://www.wormboss.com.au/sheep-goats/programs/goats.php

Another great site is Wormcount, John offers a count with samples sent via mail at $35.00 for up to up to 10 goats ( payment after result’s are received) if you contact him prior he will also send a kit to get you started  wormcount.com.au

Mineral Licks

Goats have unique mineral requirements and therefore should have a mineral lick available to them at all times. We recommend Olsson’s 2kg Goat Block or Hobby Farm Lick Block by io. Both of these are available from farm shops or feed suppliers. It is important to note, licks with high amounts of copper can be dangerous to goats as copper can cause toxicity which can be fatal.