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Current Tiny Dancers for Sale

Ruby and Rosemary

Full Bucks For sale:

Because of overstocking and the purchase of higher % bucks, I am reluctantly selling off three of my bucks. These bucks have all proven themselves as good sires and produced some lovely babies. Negative CAE ad JD tested herd.

Pine Creek Adonis. 4 yrs old. 81.25% Registered with NPGAA. He is a friendly boy with a loving nature. $1000 + GST I will be sad to see this boy go. He is amazing and whoever decdies to purchase him will gain a lovely boy.

Vino Amore Kasper 79.68% 3 yrs old Registered with NPGAA. He is super friendly, $950 +gst

Vino Amore Jack Frost 74.44% 3 yrs old Registered with NPGAA. Throws beautiful kids (silver in Color) $800 + GST


Price Guide




% PygmyPrice
Under 40%Up to $600
40%-50%$600 – $800
50%-60%$900 – $1200
60%-70%$1300 – $1500
70%-80%$2000 – $2500
80%-90%$3000 – $4500
90%+$4500 +
Can depend on show quality colouring & state available