Goats live for 12-15 years. When choosing to bring a goat into your family or farm, please consider this a long-term commitment.

Which Breed is Best for Me?

To determine the answer to this question, you first need to decide on why you want goats. Are your goats intended as family pets? Or do you want productive livestock? If so, do you desire meat, milk or fibre? Are you intending to breed or show?


Any miniature breed of goat will make great pets however wethers (castrated males) are a better option.


Again, any of the Miniature breeds are appropriate for breeding though you will need to consider your end objective to decide which breed will suit.  If breeding any miniature breed, it is recommended to purchase the very best animals you can afford and to purchase from a reputable, registered breeder.

Disbudding or Not?

Most goats are born with horns, unless naturally polled (born without horns). It is common practise to prevent horn growth when the goat is around one week old. This is referred to as disbudding. Disbudding is the act of cauterizing the horn buds, to prevent the growth of horns. This is done for a number of reasons including the safety of handlers, especially children, from injury caused by goat’s horns, as well as for showing purposes. It is common to disbud dairy goats and miniature goats however it is common for fibre goats and Boer goats to remain horned.

Disbudding must be done by a person competent in the task, so you may wish to ask a fellow breeder or mentor, or a veterinarian to complete any disbudding on goats which you breed, or ask for them to teach you. The procedure is painful for the goat so it is recommended to talk to your vet about pain relief options.


As with any pet or livestock, goats require vaccinations against some common diseases these are; Tetanus, Enterotoxaemia (Pulpy Kidney), Caseous lymphadenitis (cheesy gland), Black disease, Malignant oedema & Blackleg. Contact your local veterinary clinic for the right information regarding vaccinations. Using Glenvac 3-1 is generally recommend for Goats