Well, it’s getting to that time of year once again. Preparing to pair my bucks to their girls for Spring kidding. I’m excited this year to see what colours we achieve through pairing certain colors together.

Freddie Mercury is my 3-year-old full blood and he will be paired with four girls. Freddie has proven himself as a strong sire and delivered our stud with some amazing kids.


I have taken the plunge and brought myself another full blood buck, Mick Jager, who is caramel. That’s him pictured below and I’m expecting some amazing colours to come through using him as sire. I’m pairing him with five of my tiniest girls, so hoping for some spectacular tiny babies.

Each kidding, you hope to achieve something special in your progeny. So keep an eye out for news in late August. I’ll post updates to let you all know how things are coming along. So, stay posted.

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