Lucky to be Alive

Last Saturday night one of my maiden does went into labour. I checked her every hour to keep an eye out for any problems. At 11.45 I went out once again, and she had given birth to a beautiful little chamoise buck. He was stunning, and I thought great you’ve done it all on your own without my help. These Does were small, so I was concerned. When I went out the next morning, the mum was in her house but no little buck. I searched the paddock and realised that during the night, a python must have gotten in and taken him. I was heartbroken. In my search, I found a little doe, not realising the mum had given birth to a twin. She was still in her sack with her tongue hanging out, so I thought she was dead. But, when I picked her up, she cried out. She was alive. I took her home and washed her off. Her mum did not want anything to do with her. I think the trauma of the night having had her baby taken traumatised her so much she couldn’t cope. Lucky now lives at home with me getting throughly spoilt. She is very tiny, but very determined to live and thrive.

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