Early this month, I have wormed our goatees, hooves trimmed, and are now paired off with their respective bucks to deliver us some very delightful kids come spring. This kidding is going to deliver us colour and some tiny babies. So my boys better not let me down. I have faith in them.

Well, the first days of slightly cooler temperatures have arrived … 11 degrees this morning. I’m looking forward to rugging up in my old jumpers and sliding my feet into those all-to-comfortable uggies. Sitting around our little chiminia with a glass of wine after a hard day slogging it out on the farm is also one of my look-to-forward times. It’s something one can only do really in winter.

Sold two bucklings this week, Shadow is heading off at the end of May to the Northern Territory, where I’m sure he is going to find his forever loving home. A very loving family has brought Prince Harry. They live not far from us. I know Harry is going to sire some beautiful babies. So happy that Harry is going to live with such a wonderful family. I love to meet my prospective families as it gives me joy to see how happy people are when they get their goatees .

I’ll keep in touch and post pics on my site as the kids arrive and post any for sale.

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