Its one thing to see a Pygmy kid and fall in love at first sight, but choose your animal wisely.

Percentage verses Structure.

Choosing a high percentage animal is not always the key to growing out an animal with good structure. I have animals that are in the sixty percent range whose conformation is far better than those in the seventy and eighty percent. It’s all about the structure of the animal. Stocky legs, rotund solid body is what you should be aiming for.

Of my latest arrivals born August/September 2023 I have noticed that of the twins one has the structure the other not. It’s quite surprising the difference in the one pregnancy.


These are twins Skyler (top) and Sandi (bottom) Same age but Sandi has conformation while her sister Skyler does not. Both beautiful girls, but very different in regard to displaying Pygmy traits. These twins are out of a 53% doe and a 100% buck and are 76.63%.

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